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Confronting the Moment Together

THE DIGITAL EXPERIENCE KickS off June 2-4, 2020


Unprecedented. Unparalleled. Unmissable.

This June, Inman will host its first-ever fully digital event for the industry. The time is right.

Speakers and presenters from all corners of the industry will be there — your peers, your customers, industry leaders, and you.

We will have thousands of the smartest agents, brokers, executives, tech professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors in one place.




10,000 estimated attendees


1 million

Connect Now Inman

We'll lean on each other and learn from each other.

Connect Now will be a completely immersive experience across all of our channels. The content will continue to impact and engage the industry beyond the 3 days.

The event will have site-wide visibility, full social media engagement, and direct email outreach to our complete database.

Engagement will continue after the event, with sessions available on-demand, repackaged, and promoted. Sponsors like you will continue to be an instrumental part of this post-event experience.

  • Reach more agents, brokers, and decision-makers than ever before with a vastly wider audience of attendees, untethered by travel.

  • Build better and more lasting relationships with new opportunities to engage, from demos to chats to panel discussions and coffee hours.

  • Be global and local at the same time as the event will be accessible across geographies and time zones.

  • Unlock detailed attendee data throughout the event sessions.

  • Focus on creating an experience instead of a booth, with a digital Partner Expo hall that will remain open for a year.

  • Demonstrate your brand’s innovation by being a part of this first-of-a-kind event.

Talk to the Inman Partnership Team about unique opportunities that play to your strengths and map to your goals. We're all in this together.